Maturing JetBlue's 20-year young brand

Commemorating 20 years of service, a brand refreshment of the customer experience was proposed from livery design to online booking. Designs were grounded on the circle, a foundational element of the JetBlue brand and symbolic of the organizational mission to Inspire Humanity with open, bold, and playful brand personas.

New York, NY

Omni-channel brand refreshments throughout a revitalized customer journey.

• Environmentals / signage
• Logo / identity design
• Motion graphics
• Mobile / App
• Printed media
• Social media
• Web, front-end design

⬤  Nice Navy 
⬤  Fresh Aqua
⬤  Smart Sky
⬤  Stylish Orange
⬤  Witty Green

Celebrating 20 years of Inspiring Humanity

Sparking moments to pause in transit through JFK airport

JetBlue's home base lives in JFK's Terminal 5, where activation kiosks give transiting passengers an overview of the company's heritage in three distinct stages:
2000-2010 The First 10: How we started.
2010-2020 The Last 10: How we've been.
2020-2030 The Next 10: Where we'll go.
While 'The First 10' provided highlights of how JetBlue lay a foundation of growth, 'The Last 10' illustrated the ramp-up of achievments that bring the airline to its present day status. 'The Next 10' represents an inflection point for the company, showcasing leading innovations that reinforce the organizational mission to Inspire Humanity.

Taking New York's Hometown Airline on the subway

Sharing the circle in common with New York MTA's subway lines, a logo sting was created to advertise JetBlue's trademark as New York's Hometown Airline and partnership with Empire State Development.


Airbus A321neo livery design

JetBlue launched into its 20s with an order of 23 new Airbus planes.
Aircraft livery design for this new fleet features the commemorative '20' at the front and back of the plane.

Streamlining the browsing experience

The disjointed reservation process on needed standardizing and simplifying. Redesigning the landing page as a staging area allows content to be tailored based on each step of the user experience, including fuller visiblility on fare options across the network which invites customers to browse more confidently.

Advertising flash sales in seatback entertainment

Static screens become opportunities to engage during the boarding process and socialize services and promotions.

Enhancing the in-app browsing experience

New graphical user interface (GUI) featuring expanded features like filters and access points for promotions.

Refreshing the booking process

Purposeful application of color palette, with orange denoting outstanding fields, and green for advancing forward.

Integrating JetBlue Vacation packages

Introducing a new point of sale for one of JetBlue's business lines.

Visualizing Crewmember quotes on Instagram

Originally static pieces, these personal notes are brought to life while socializing airport codes for quicker browsing.