Amplifying the Emb(race) giving campaign

When issues of race and justice became the national conversation in May 2020, IBM sought to help transform the moment of clarity into lasting social change. This included a giving campaign that invited current and past IBMers around the globe to take action by donating and having their impact doubled with a matching contribution from IBM.
I engaged to creatively socialize these efforts across our organization and in support of IBM's Diversity & Inclusion brand initiatives.

New York, NY

Digital campaign extensions for IBM's internal social initiative.

• Brand extension
• Video scripting
• Motion graphics
• Social stories

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⬤  IBM Blue

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Our identity of solidarity and equality


The tri-color Pan-African flag started as response against bigotry in 1920. Red represents the unity of Black African ancestry. Yellow is for the richness of the African people. Green is for the land and the abundant natural wealth of Africa. Today, it has become an enduring symbol of culture, and embraced in IBM’s logo to represent solidarity across the organization.


The Emb(race) campaign is IBM’s call for change to ensure racial equality, as part of it's corporate responsibility commitments. The Emb(race) logo is typeset in IBM Plex™ Sans, part of our global, versatile typeface superfamily.


Be Equal champions diversity and inclusion for everyone at IBM. This core element of IBM's culture drives systemic, sustainable improvement for people in every community and supports IBM's diversity, inclusion, talent and business priorities.

Socializing the Emb(race) pledge

The campaign was centered on the foundation of a seven-part pledge that embodied the drivers for social change.

Each of these pledges were illustrated in 8-second stories prepared for sharing across social networks.

Socializing the pledge was a distinct way for IBM to show commitment to racial equality to its audience of nearly 10 million followers across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Vocalizing stories from Black IBMers

Black colleagues share their powerful personal stories about racism, bias, prejudice, and being Black in IBM.

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Emb(race) Gateway