Disruptive Women in Health Care

Disruptive Women in Health Care was a digital platform dedicated to amplifying provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions in the health sphere.
Serving as an online forum for innovative thinking on exciting health trends and current health policy issues, Disruptive Women became a thought leader and influencer in its own right, receiving numerous awards and accolades including being named “one of the top health policy blogs” by Health Tech and a “Fierce Female Healthcare Blog To Watch” by Fierce Healthcare.

As Creative Director from 2012-2014, I designed the logo and established the identity system, which evolved throughout the brand's journey.

Washington, DC

Brand creation for a non-profit advocacy group focused on womens' health initiatives.

• Environmentals / signage
• Logo / identity design
• Motion graphics
• Printed / editorial media
• Product / apparel
• Website front-end design

⬤  Purple  
⬤  Fusia
⬤  Pink

The Mark

Designed to capture the boldness of Disruptive Women's initiative and meld the symbolism of feminism and health—with the disruption also expressed in the heart beat.

Disruptive Women's Hygieia

In Greek mythology, Hygieia is the goddess of good health, cleanliness, and sanitation. Motifs of her were always an integral part of the Disruptive Women brand, and took on this typographic form with her hair illustrating health reform, fierce health policy, global health, and other key tenets of the organization in tendrilous forms.

The Website

Originally positioned as a blog, the website was redesigned to feature the hottest issues featured first, leading in with the disruption and responding to the national reach of its advocacy platform.

Socializing women’s heart health

In a push to increase awareness of women’s heart health, an informative video was created in partnership with the American Heart Association.


Instrumental audio for this video can be un-muted through the controls.

Satirical short video

In support of this effort, a classic French cigarette advertisement was animated to produce a satirical (and disruptive) take on smoking. This was screened during an opening sequence for Disruptive Women's reception at the American Heart Association.

Instrumental audio for this video can be un-muted through the controls.

Women's History Month

March is naturally one of the most active months for Disruptive Women to partner with other sister organizations to commemorate Women's Day. A special rendition of the logo is used during this month, along with event swag.

Event collateral

Editorials on health issues

My tenure covered the releases of 10 ebooks—covering topics from the sensitivity of body image to the burden of caregiving—each issue featuring a distinct look and feel.